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About ETG Yoga


Our mission is to Empower you to Transform and Grow into a free and healthy life.  We offer Mat Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Goat Yoga,  Chakra Classes. Children's Wellness and more.

We are Real.  We are Compassionate.  We are a space for you.  

Katie Bock ,  Creator and Lead Yoga Instructor (200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor)

Katie Bock, Creator and Lead Yoga Instructor (200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor)

A mom, a yogi, a life coach but most of all a powerful woman.  Katie started her yoga journey at 8 years ago with prenatal yoga.  In those first 9 yoga classes she had ever taken her world completely shifted.  Katie was empower to take control of her life.  She let go of unhealthy relationships and moved forward embracing what life had placed in front of her.  Yoga became a huge part of Katie’s life.  In 2014 she began her yoga teacher training and it was here that Katie truly began to share her journey through yoga to empower others.  Katie is passionate about empowering others to transform their lives and grow into happiness and health.  

Trained in vinyasa and power yoga Katie has since taken it upon herself to learn about all types of yoga such as restorative, yin and children’s yoga. Katie is also a Certified Aerial Yoga instructor, ready to teach you to fly.  She is also well versed in Essential Oils and a Non Toxic Life.  Always up for a new adventure and even a challenge.  You will find yourself growing mind and body in Katie’s classes.  She comes to each class with a flow for you and a message encouraging everyone to live life, to breathe, and embrace the strength that lives within you.  Reminding you to believe in the magic of life.


Jenna Johnson ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Jenna Johnson, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Jenna grew up in a Levittown, PA and is a devoted wife and mother of 2 children. After practice yoga for 20 years to alleviate stress and maintain fitness from her athletic background she decided to deepen her practice and began her teacher training. Jenna blends a heartfelt warmth and athletic flavor to her teaching. When not on her mat or teaching, Jenna enjoys aerial yoga, baseball and softball, the beach, and enjoying quality team with her family.

Chelsea Dresher ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instuctor

Chelsea Dresher, 200HR Certified Yoga Instuctor

Chelsea is a certified 200 hr yoga teacher. She believes practicing yoga physically on your mat and mentally off of your mat is the key to a happy and healthy life. She married her husband in 2012 and is a mother of two wonderful little boys. Growing up, she was considered the social butterfly of her family. She is an optimist and always strives to help people be the best they can in everything they do. With her welcoming and outgoing personality, Chelsea is sure to lead a fun and comfortable yoga class.

Beth Dixon ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Beth Dixon, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Beth found yoga through Serendipity- the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. In 2015 after suffering from a running injury while training for a marathon, Beth found yoga as a means of therapeutic recovery. It didn’t take long for Beth to be “hooked on yoga”.  She soon enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training here in Harford County and completed her first certification  (RYT 200) and works diligently to improve her weekly practice and study. Beth continues her full time career as a Radiologic Technologist at Mercy Medical Center in downtown Baltimore. She enjoys hands on patient care, ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those she meets. Beth is a long time quilter and recipe revisionist creating beautiful quilts and healthy food when not on her mat. Hanging out with her husband and her spunky Westie named Archie and visits with her three grown children and two grandkids brings her great joy!

“ I believe teaching is a humbling experience,  sharing yoga practice, “letting go” through breath  and meeting people where they  are on and off the mat. I want to share this blessing.”

Bret Laino ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor & Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Bret Laino, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor & Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Bret was called to the mat after her very first yoga class in 2008.  When knee and back problems ended her running routine, yoga became a focus for her.  As a teacher, Bret hopes to inspire others to realize the transformation she feels both on and off the mat.  Bret believes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga practice can combine to transform your practice and your life.  Bret teaches every class with a focus on each of her student’s personal journey.  When not on her mat, Bret enjoys cooking, hiking, kayaking and spending time with family and friends.

Karlee Kavanaugh ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Karlee Kavanaugh, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Karlee is an outgoing, free-loving woman. Born and raised in Harford county. Along with being a yoga instructor she is also a massage therapist. In her free time she loves to be outside with her dog! Gardening, hiking and camping are some of her favorite things. Live music and festivals also hold a special place in her heart. On her journey as a healer, with her enlightened and spiritual outlook, she wishes to guide others into the comfort and awareness of their own bodies. She hopes to give you a different perspective to empower, transform and grow your life. Namasté

Eric Young ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Eric Young, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Eric was first exposed to yoga in high school but fully embraced it later in life to counter some stress and some long standing back issues. After a daily practice for five years, he pursued a yoga teacher training at Yoga Centric, powered by the Red Lila School of yoga. An avid runner, Eric integrates an athletic, vinyasa style infused with yoga philosophy and a light hearted humorous flavor to his classes. When not on the mat, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, golf, watching soccer, and playing with his rescue dog, Max.

Caitlin Weese ,  200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Trauma Yoga Certified

Caitlin Weese, 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor, Trauma Yoga Certified

Yoga came to Caitlin at a painful point in her life. What started as a form of self-care and stress reduction, became a practice that transformed her relationship with herself, her body, others and the world around her.   As a result of this radical journey, she is driven to share these teachings with others in the hopes they too, can transform their lives. Caitlin believes in helping students find strength and flexibility on their mats, in hopes that they can find this in their lives.  Beyond this, she believes in guiding students to move functionally so that yoga can be a life long practice.

Elizabeth Welsh/Yogi - the Well Nut ,  Certified Children's Yoga & Wellness Instructor

Elizabeth Welsh/Yogi - the Well Nut, Certified Children's Yoga & Wellness Instructor

Elizabeth has had quiet a journey thus far, which has led her to her  passion, teaching young souls the power of yoga.  She wants to teach children of all ages the amazing benefits of practicing yoga.  Elizabeth is  a certified level 3 Radiant Child Yoga instructor.  Radiant Child Yoga was developed by Shakta Khalsa.
Shakta’s vision is
“To create a world of peace through the union of yoga and children. The Radiant Child is the child who is self-aware, who honors the spirit of all, and is naturally dedicated to creating a world of peace. Yoga is a holistic, practical tool towards that end.”
When not teaching little yogi’s Elizabeth is busy running around with her  two elementary age boys and husband. She enjoys being outside, in nature and loves soaking up the sun.


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We are Real

We are Compassionate

We are a Space for You

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