After School Wellness Classes

sponsered by Lunar Bay Studio and ETG Yoga

A 4 week series designed for school age children 5-10.  Anxiety is all around us in our world today.  After School Wellness is creating a space for kids to learn ways to channel their anxieties and stresses.  Combining Regular Yoga, Mediation, Aerial Yoga and relaxing crafts/activities to help children learn how to safly and effecivly process their anxieties, stresses, worries, doubts and fears.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga combines stretching and fun.  This gives the children the ability to clear their mind and fly.  Something different and exciting.  They will get 30 minutes the relax, lengthen the muscles and clear the mind.  Hanging upside down will be done individually and spotted by the instructor.  

Lucas Meditation.jpg

Mediation & Yoga

Meditation will be a quiet time to learn relaxing sounds.  This will give the children an opportunity to clear there minds simply.  They will learn different breathing techniques aid in relaxing.  Regular yoga will be a time to learn how to stretch the body and calm down in ways that can be used anywhere.


Relaxing Crafts/Activities

Each session will include a relaxing craft.  It may be painting, coloring , getting messy with slime or any other calming activity.  This is a time for the children to learn ways to let out their feelings safely and comfortably.  Art is a great way to express what you are feeling.

Learn about Katie and Kelley

Katie and Kelley are both moms and CPR certified.  Katie is a 200 hr certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist.  Katie has worked with her kids doing yoga and breathing techniques.  Kelley is a Reiki Master and has previously taught children.  Kelley has experience teaching learning basics and a vast knowledge of animals.  Both Katie and Kelley have a passion for sharing wellness in the community.

After School Wellness is close to Katie's heart as she created much of this program with her 7 year old son who has anxiety.  The Aerial Yoga Hammock has been amazing for him to calm his mind.  Her son will attend each session and assist Katie in teaching Aerial Yoga to other kids.


After School Wellness will run in 4 week sessions on Mondays 5-550.  It will be located at Lunar Bay Studio in Bel Air, MD.  Children 5-10 are welcome, Kindergarten to 5th grade.  For children 5-7 we ask the parents stay for Aerial Yoga to help guide the child (30 minutes in 2 sessions). We run sessions Monthly and sign up ahead of time is a must.  The Cost per Month is $60 and this will cover all the Mondays that month.  There are 12 spots available.  If you have questions or would like to meet Katie & Kelley please email  

Location: 2123 Conowingo Road - Bel Air, MD- 21015

The Dates of first session are...

Monday November 27th

Monday December 4th

Monday December 11th

Monday December 18th

Start in 2018 Sessions will run monthly February Session Starts February 5th.

To Sign up please email Katie at