Mat Yoga Classes

Empower Flow

All level vinyasa yoga class.  This class will encourage a belief in self.  Empower flow will encourage movement with the breathe.  The pace of this class is based on the participants that day.  You will feel empowered every minute of class

Empower Slow Flow

A great class for beginners.  Empower slow flow will offer modifications and move at a slower pace.  All levels are welcome.  This class will encourage a belief in self.  Encouraging deep breathing to relax the nervous system.  Empowerment through out the practice.

Empower Power Flow

All levels welcome.  Empower Power Flow will offer advanced postures with modifications for those not ready.  This class will move at a faster pace with the breathe.  A good body workout while clearing the mind.  Empowerment throughout class.

Transform YinVin

A class combining vinyasa flow with Yin yoga postures.  The first half of class will focus on warming the body and the second half will focus on deep stretches to lengthen the body.  Transform YinVin has elements of both Yin and Yang.  This class will leave you feeling balanced and refreshed.  All Levels welcome.

Transform & Restore

A restorative yoga class for you to relax and restore.  Transforming body and mind through deep breathing and specific yoga poses.  The class focuses on lengthening the muscles and clearing the mind to transform mind, body and soul.  Blocks, blankets, and straps will be used in this class.  All Levels Welcome.

Grow Flow

A special class focused on growing your yoga practice.  Grow flow will focus on a specific pose.  Each class will warm up the body and prepare for an advanced pose.  The advanced pose could be jumping, crow, headstand, handstand and more.  We recommend some yoga experience before taking this class.

Community Theme Flow

A class for the community.  A vinyasa class with a theme.  The theme could be Candlelit, 80's, Bob Marley, or use your imagination.  Every Community themed class will be $7 for the community.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga principles with a hanging soft hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension and maybe hang upside down.  You may fly high or float & restore.  Flips & Tricks or gentle supported stretches aerial yoga is a class you want to try.  Each class will include a yogi nap while cocooned inside the yoga hammock.   the use of the yoga hammock gives support allowing for alignment and total surrender.  We get to hang upside down and laugh out loud.  You are guaranteed to fly free be the end of each class.

* Exploration * Relaxation * Enjoyment *


Aerial Yoga - Fly High

Fly High is a combination of traditional yoga poses and aerial flips & tricks all using the yoga hammock.  Hammocks will hang at hips height in this class allow you to take flight.  Laughter and relaxation will be found in this class.  Joy, Freedom and Exploration in New Heights!


Aerial Yoga - Float & Restore

Float & Restore was created to allow for total surrender.  This class is all about relaxation and letting go.  Hammocks will hang low to the ground in this class giving the body total support all while floating.  Relax, Smile and Breathe Easy!


Aerial Yoga Fundamentals

Fundamentals focuses on the basics or Aerial Yoga.  Its an easy flying experience.  Learning the fundamentals of this practice to ensuring a steady and freedom filled flight.  This is a class for Beginners and any one wanting to get back to basics.  Explore, Smile and Have Fun!

Mat Yoga


Drop-in - $15

Student Drop-in - $8 (Must have Valid Student ID) 

$21 for 20 days Unlimited Yoga (Valid 1 time per person)

Monthly Unlimited - $65 (Must Commit to 3 months)

5 Class Pass - $62.50

10 Class Pass - $100

Private Mat Yoga - $70 (1-2 people)

Private Group Mat Yoga - $100 (3-12 people - $10 per person after 12)


Aerial Yoga Pricing


Drop- in - $20

Student Drop-in - $15 (Must have valid ID)

5 Class Pass - $75

Private Individual Aerial Yoga - $100 (1-2 people)

Private Group Aerial Yoga - $150  (3 - 9 People)

All Aerial Yoga Classes require Sign up ahead of time.